Search and Rescue volunteers put through their paces

November 24th, 2018

volunteers helicopter loading

Hover loading

Our small town of Wanaka is very lucky to have a large group of highly skilled volunteers who are happy to give freely of their time in the event of emergencies.

And we are lucky to be able to work together with these skilled and dedicated volunteers to come to the rescue of those in need in the back-country.  The summer months are particularly busy for volunteers when there are more ‘adventurers’ out and about.

This past couple of weeks we have been putting the Wanaka LandSAR volunteers through their paces, in particular practicing human sling and hover loading with our Pilots James, Tim and Davey.

We’re privileged to be part of a special team of police and local volunteers helping both locals and visitors alike in the back-country.

Stay safe out there this summer.


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