Taking Keith Morrison to the Mountains

June 25th, 2017

Scenic Flight Wanaka - alpine landing

NBC Dateline Sunday program featured an article on American’s fascination with New Zealand. Pictured above Liz Carlson and presenter Keith Morrison

We have the odd ‘rich and famous’ person come through our hangar and usually these are low-key affairs.

However on this occasion we’d like to share with you our experience with Dateline NBC presenter Keith Morrison.

He was here filming an interesting light-hearted look at the apparent American fascination with New Zealand.

Keith interviewed some key American’s who have relocated to our fine shores: namely local vineyard owner Sam Neill and travel writer Liz Carlson.

And he went flying with our pilot Tim who has an eye for finding those great angles for filming New Zealand’s stunning vistas.

You can check the article out here …http://www.nbcnews.com/megyn-kelly/video/the-americans-are-coming-the-obsession-with-new-zealand-970813507783

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