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A great travel tip for your New Zealand Glacier experience

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A great travel tip for your New Zealand Glacier experience

Date: 6th March 2018

Our local glaciers might not be as well known as Fox and Franz Josef but they still put a smile on visitors faces and we regularly receive great feedback on our “Glacier Experience” scenic flight.

We’d like to share with you this particular clients’ recent TripAdvisor comments – she certainly picked up on the positive after missing out on the West Coast:

“Astoundingly beautiful, Highlight of my 3-week trip! Wonderful service”

Our tour guide contacted Aspiring Helicopters at the last minute, after Cyclone Fehi blocked our route to Franz Josef Glacier. I was heartbroken at traveling halfway around the world and not getting to the famous glacier. But now, I’m GLAD that happened, because my flight, glacier viewing and snow landing with Aspiring Helicopters was an unparalleled experience.

I’ve traveled worldwide and done scenic helicopter rides in several gorgeous places, including Hawaii & South Africa. Most were at very busy helicopter companies that provided safe, scenic flights but were more interested in rushing you along so they could get the next large group underway. Aspiring Helicopters was also very safe and scenic, but they weren’t trying to cram in as many people or flights as possible. The flight was spectacular with great commentary by our pilot. The Isobel Glacier area is not crowded or full of other helicopters crammed with tourists. Best of all, we landed in a truly isolated area, where I saw NO other landing tracks. We were able to experience the beauty and the natural silence of the area without listening to the roar of chopper blades or the chatter of other visitors. The pilots were very professional and made sure we were safe, both in the air and by checking the snowy area where we landed before letting us walk around. We had plenty of time to walk (and play a little) in the snow and enjoy all the beautiful surroundings.

The Franz Josef glacier is probably bigger, possibly more blue, and maybe even more beautiful. But there I would have been one of hundreds of people landing in the same area on the same day, staying for just a couple of minutes, surrounded by other tourists and the sounds of choppers coming and going. Instead, I had a much more intense, personal experience at Isobel glacier with Aspiring Helicopters … and I couldn’t be happier!”

So if you find yourself in the same boat don’t let missing out at Fox or Franz be a downer – “there are plenty more glaciers in these here mountains!”

Aspiring Helicopters Wanaka Helicopters
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