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• One 10 minute remote glacier/snow landing
• Stand in the pristine snow at 7000 feet!
• Fly over rugged mountains & deep valleys
• Amazing photo opportunity!

阿斯帕林山(Mount Aspiring)位于三大主要冰川的交界口,博纳(the Bonar),沃尔塔(Volta)和塞尔玛(Therma),在国家公园里是众所周知的悬谷冰川。飞上那千年前由岁月雕琢出的辽阔冰川峡谷,体验那难忘且铭刻肺腑的登陆冰川峡谷之旅。紧接着的是360度鸟瞰周围的优美风景,包括一天中晴朗清新的海洋西部景色,一个独一无二真实的7000英尺/2300米冰川直行的真实体验 – 请不要错失良机


  • Flat soled, covered shoes
  • Jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • And of course a camera!
  • Note: we have a no drone policy

We also recommend insect repellant if you are travelling to Milford Sound.

  • All current website pricing is valid until 30th September 2022
  • All flights require a minimum of two paying adults to go ahead.
  • Child rates are valid for 4 – 14 years.
  • 3yr and under are free of charge provided they can sit on a parents’ lap
  • Individual passenger weights are required at the time of booking
  • You must reconfirm your flight booking on the day
  • Flights go on demand subject to weather.  We are happy to reschedule subject to availability
  • We operate six days a week Monday – Saturday
  • We have a general 48 hr cancellation policy should your plans be disrupted
  • Last minute Covid Cancellations do not incur a fee i.e. if you are unable to travel due to Covid related restrictions
  • During NZ Covid Traffic Light system – from 4th April vaccine passes will not be required.


Amazing experience of sinking deep into the pristine snow

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